Note: lcarsde does not bring its own display manager. If one is required (e.g. a login screen is needed but not yet there) than install a display manager like GDM or SDDM additionally to lcarsde. With a display manager, lcarsde will be available in the window manager menu on the login screen.

Note: lcarswm uses the Kotlin compiler to build, which uses the clang compiler. The used clang version needs an outdated library, There is usually some compatibility library to get it, like ncurses5-compat-libs in Arch Linux's AUR. From checking the internet, it seems the most popular (and also working) solution is to link to the new version, which can be done like this: sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/


Arch Linux

The lcarsde parts are available via the AUR. They can be found via the keyword lcarsde, but currently there is no group installation for them, so they need to be installed separately.

This link will bring you to the packages in the AUR website.

Ubuntu (22.04)

DEB packages for Ubuntu are available for all parts of lcarsde. The latest versions can be downloaded using the following links and installed with the software installer.

From source

The manual installation requires only a few steps to get started. First download the latest releases of the following repositories:

Secondly, unpack the release packages.

Thirdly and finally, execute the script of each program.

Note: at the beginning of each installation, the dependencies are printed in the console. Please make sure those dependencies are installed as well.