LCARS Desktop Environment

What is LCARS Desktop Environment?

LCARS Desktop Environment or short lcarsde is an open source desktop environment for Linux systems. They main goal for this project is to create a desktop experience that looks somewhat like a LCARS interface.

The desktop environment consists of a window manager that is based on Xlib as well as a set of tool applications, which are a menu of active open applications, the status bar, a program selection and an application for logout, shutdown, etc.

This link brings you to the project sources.


You feel like lcarsde can be improved? Join in developing this project further. Checkout the project sources and ask project members if you have any questions.


New release for status-bar

Version 21.3 of status-bar has arrived. This version includes

The version is available for download via GitHub and for Arch Linux in the AUR. Enjoy!

New release for application-starter

Application-starter just got a small update to version 21.1. This with this update application starter will close itself after a program has been selected, to behave more like a program menu.

New releases for lcarswm and status-bar

Releases 21.2 of lcarswm and status-bar are out. These are again bug-fix releases that solve the big issues of the two, which are empty windows and the status-bar disappearing on screen size adjustments. The build is also working with /usr/lib64-directories now which is relevant for e.g. Fedora users. Window forward toggling now behaves like everywhere else and backward toggling has been introduced.

The updates are available in AUR as well as on GitHub (check the installation page), so go get it!

We hope you enjoy this release as much as we do!

New font on this website

We adjusted this websites font for headers and the navigation. Ubuntu Condensed did a good job but we took the chance to switch to LCARS GTJ 3. This font is made to look like the font in the TNG series. This font is created and provided by GTJ LCARS, whose link you can find on the links page. We hereby give our thanks to GTJ LCARS for this font and hope you enjoy the updated look.

We look forward to use this font in lcarsde as well.

New releases for lcarswm and status-bar

Release 21.1 of lcarswm and status-bar are out. These are bug-fix releases that fix a memory leak in lcarswm and dead locks in status-bar and the audio widget. Status-bar got a complete rewrite in Kotlin/Native.

Both applications are also updated in Arch Linux AUR.

Happy New Year

Firstly, let us wish you a happy, blessed new Year 2021. Stay healthy!

We enjoyed a little break, that we used to solve Advent of Code puzzles as well as relax and enjoy some time with the close family.

Now we are back and for lcarsde this year will start with a rewrite of the status-bar application. That will bring more stability and get rid of two serious bugs. The next things on the schedule will be the fixing of a lcarswm bug and the creation of build packages for Debian/Ubuntu.

lcarsde on AUR

lcarsde is now available on Arch Linux via the Arch Linux User Repository (AUR).

First lcarsde release ready

The releases for all the parts of the first lcarsde setup are now created. That includes lcarswm 20.3, application-starter 20.1, app-menu 20.1 status-bar 20.1 and logout 20.1. That means we have a complete LCARS Desktop Environment setup. Woohoo!!!

Well, it's almost time to party. Currently the Arch Linux package build scripts are in production and once finished, they will be pushed to the AUR. So Arch users will be the first to taste the lcarsde experience. Ubuntu will be coming up afterwards.

First lcarsde coming up

First version of LCARS Desktop Environment is about ready and packages for Arch Linux and Ubuntu will be set up.